Rethinking quality

Quality is important to Finnair. Skytrax has ranked Finnair a 4-star airline, so we already are among the top airlines in the world. We are also a member of the oneworld alliance, selected as the leading quality airline alliance time and time again. The alliance only invites airlines of the highest level as members. There is a lot of talk about quality, but what exactly is quality?

One way of looking at quality is to assess it against customer expectations that can be either fulfilled, exceeded or left unfulfilled. The entire process of travelling by air consists of many different phases, so quality can be examined from several points of view.

We are so interested in the topic that our mission this autumn is to open an extensive discussion about quality with our customers – both current and potential ones. We are looking for four people who will fly to Finnair destinations during October and November and assess quality in the air, on the ground and at our destinations. We call these people Quality Hunters. The selected Quality Hunters will keep a blog about their experiences and share tips and photos at

Participatory marketing is based on the concept that customers have the best and most interesting opinions about products and our services. This is why we want to hear your ideas and discuss issues that we could improve and provide you with even better quality service.

Those interested can also participate in other ways if travelling for two months is not an option. A weekly question will be published on our Facebook page at, and we hope to receive as many answers as possible. Our campaign will also include some provocative advertising that you may run into. The aim is to make people think about quality issues and to encourage them to discuss quality. Now is your chance to make a difference!

Antti Nieminen
Marketing Manager