More options to responsible travellers

For Sue Suitcase, even when she is simply dreaming of a trip, certain ways of travelling and destinations are excluded. For Ted Traveller it is important to consider the choice of company and route and to be able to compare different options. For Adam Airport and his friends it is important that during their trip they feel they are in the hands of a responsible operator and that they can themselves act responsibly.

Customers have increasingly begun to require responsibility from airlines and tour operators and options for reducing their ecological footprint. A clearly perceptible trend is the rise of social responsibility issues alongside environmental responsibility.

At every stage of a journey, Finnair strives to help Sue, Ted, Adam and other customers make responsible choices. After a trip, an organisation must be able to react quickly and comprehensively to customers’ questions and concerns. This year we have developed a number of different ways of responding to our customers’ wishes. We obtain information on these wishes through active listening, research and direct contact. The image that remains with customers is important, because they tell others about their experiences. Finnair wants to be the choice of the environmentally and quality conscious passenger.

When booking a journey, customers can access via our website an updated, advanced emissions calculator as well as information on our fleet, our routes and our corporate responsibility work. The websites of the group’s travel agencies present different ways of travelling and also offer the opportunity to take advantage of video conferences. Lots of information is also available on the environmental classification of hotels. During trips, we provide information on recycling, on operational means of reducing environmental loading and on acting responsibly at the destination.

Travellers can also donate their Finnair Plus award points to our cooperation partners in the field of corporate responsibility or support their activities by purchasing recycled products or other products on sale in the Finnair PlusShop, income from which goes to corporate responsibility projects. In addition, we are always ready to answer questions and enjoy receiving feedback. Alongside blogs, a Finnair Facebook page has been opened as a social media communications channel. Information is exchanged very quickly via social media.

Corporate responsibility is part of the business world

Operating responsibly is essential in the business world. Successful companies integrate strategic decision making into corporate responsibility. Corporate responsibility, moreover, is an element of a company’s operations that touches the whole organisation and all of the company’s interest groups. This is also true for Finnair. Projects to achieve more efficient fuel economy yield both financial and environmental benefits. Manage-ment development measures improve the working atmosphere and the desirability of the company as an employer, but also bring success in other areas. An open and communicative atmosphere builds trust and fosters credibility both internally and also externally among interest groups.

Reporting is an important element of communications. It responds to interest groups’ questions, but at the same time, informs transparently and comparably about the company’s responsibility strategy and operational priorities. Part of our pioneering role is to affect our environment and prevailing practices. Media visibility and interest groups’ concern for environmental issues and responsibility also create opportunities for the company to show its mettle. Responsibility should be evident in all of the company’s operations and strategy.

We also respond to our interest groups by reporting on our previous year’s work. This year, our reporting practice changed slightly and we also produced a printed version of this corporate responsibility presentation.
Please read more from our Corporate Responsibility Report 2010.
Articles closely related to corporate responsibility can also be found in our annual review, and presentations on economic responsibility and risk management are included in the financial report .
We again participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) , on whose website our figures are published.