Finnair brings Lions to the Market Square this evening

Finland’s ice hockey team enjoyed a sweet victory over Sweden and at the same time won their second-ever World Championship. The win on Sunday night sparked huge celebrations in Finland.

Immediately the next morning, Finnair, the Lions’ long-term cooperation partner, sent a special flight to Bratislava to pick up Finland’s ice hockey heroes. The victory was eagerly anticipated and the flight preparations had been made during the weekend. The arrangements went just as smoothly as Granlund’s airhook wonder goal, because everyone concerned wanted the World Championship heroes home for the evening to celebrate in the Market Square, Helsinki.

The Finnair Airbus 320 is flying with the code AY7164. The flight code, like the victory, is no coincidence. Finnair’s special flights traditionally have four digits and begin with the number seven. Number one, of course, is the winner’s number, and 64 was the number of young ice hockey star Mikael Granlund. By chance, the number 71 also happened to be printed on the shirt of Finnish player Leo Komarov.

The Lions are expected to arrive in Helsinki at 4:45 p.m. on Monday, May 16.

Finnair congratulates the Lions and is very proud to be associated with the winning Finnish ice hockey team!