Quality Hunters' quest for quality has started!

Today’s been an exciting day for us. We finally got to announce the seven Quality Hunters, who will be traveling around the world the next 48 days, collecting ideas and insights on how to improve the flight and airport experience. The Quality Hunters (now season 2, because we already did this last year) is a joint project organised together with Helsinki Airport.

The improvement ideas that we got last year were so good that we wanted to do this again. We genuinely want to become better and better. In order to do that, in our opinion, the best way to improve t is to listen to the experts, that is you, our customers.

Each Quality Hunter has been given a theme that they focus on. They are food&drinks, entertainment, socialising, travel in business class, services, shopping and “on the move”.

The Quality Hunters’ task is to come up with big and small feasible ideas that we, us at Finnair and Helsinki Airport, are committed to implementing. We don’t need a list of flaws (we’re painfully aware of most of them already!) but we want to know how to fix things and go even beyond that.

The Quality Hunters will blog daily about their observations and ideas, tweet, make videos and act as community managers. So it won’t be just them doing all the work, but they will be the ones collecting the  best ideas and presenting them to us at the end of the project in the beginning of December.

So, in case YOU have any ideas on how to improve the air travel experience, now it’s time to speak up! You can leave a comment on one of our Quality Hunter’s blogs, reach out to us on Twitter (@Finnair or @qualityhunters), or on Facebook. Or if you’re at Helsinki Airport, why not come and say hello to the Quality Hunters at the Hunter’s Lounge! You can find it between gates 32-38, in the long-haul flights area.

Let the  hunt begin!

PS. Do you want to become a Quality Hunter? By contributing and participating actively in discussion you can become one, too!