More than a thousand words

Flying an aircraft is very visual work. Communicating the events and details of a day in the life of a pilot using only words would be difficult.  There are times when you would love to share the view opening up in front of you with the cabin, if that only were possible. A photo is often more descriptive than text. We have tried to think of new ways to bring you more visual material to illustrate our work.
To this end, I have started a small photo blog on Instagram. My username is @finnairtomi. You can also find me by searching for my first and last name. My instagram account will feature photos of beautiful views as well as the smaller details of my days at work and the photos will have short captions in English. Those of you who don’t use Instagram on a mobile device can access the photos at If I have more to say about a photo, I may also post it here on this blog.
Below you will find some examples of the photos I have posted so far. You can also post comments on the photos on Instagram. I will try to respond to comments as often as I can.


“A close-up of my desk. During a flight, we constantly monitor our progress by taking notes on passed waypoints, times, fuel consumption and altimeter readings. This is one way of ensuring that the flight is going according to plan.”

“Captain Aarne Suonsivu approaching Amsterdam Schiphol airport in an Airbus 330. This time in a simulator, though. Nevertheless, the highly detailed graphics and hydraulics-assisted motion give an extremely realistic feeling of flying.”


“Sometimes you just capture the moment, like here at Oslo Gardermoen airport.”