Great minds do not think alike – co-creation is the key for success 

Great minds do not think alike – co-creation is the key for success 

Junction and Slush are just around the corner and Finnair is participating both. Why we’re participating in such events? We consider it extremely important to be active in places and forums where the digital nomads are. The fact is that digital innovations do not happen only inside our office walls near Helsinki Airport even though digitalization is highlighted in our strategy. 

It is great to see that the aviation industry in general is opening its doors for a culture that supports innovation. The NDC Hackathon organized  by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in France earlier this fall is an excellent example. A brief comment from one of our software developers was that there were several new ideas and now would be the time to put them into practice. 

We will spend the upcoming weekend in Junction, which is Europe´s biggest hackathon. Talented developers are offered to take one of our two exciting challenges. Teams can either develop solutions for our customers to receive intelligent and personalized travel recommendations based on various sources of data or take advantage of artificial intelligence in order to increase situational awareness in our Operations Control Center (OCC). 

Also this year we have a presence at Slush by having our own stand there with some demos. In addition to this we wanted to encourage all creative individuals to take part in a pitching competition called Pitch for Future. People interested in innovating and digitalization are able to pitch with themes such as “Future Airport Experience” or “Contextual Intelligence”.  

One can consider these events to be important for gathering new ideas, which is completely true. In my opinion, these events offer our own talents a chance to develop their skills as well as network with their colleagues from other companies and that is as important.  

As a part of our digital transformation at Finnair, we have been building the new Digital Solutions Development organization for almost one year now, it is great to see that we have managed to find highly talented and motivated employees who are hungry to learn and develop our solutions further. My opinion is that as a company our job is to support them as much as we can in order to make miracles happen in the future.  

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