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Drawn to the skies?

Drawn to the skies?

Kids are great. I was reminded of this recently on Finnair’s Family Day, when employees and their families had the chance to visit one of our Airbus aircraft. It was a constant flow of flaxen-haired boys wearing caps and girls in their summer dresses coming to visit the cockpit, full of questions about flying. They

Pilots behind the steering wheel

Pilots behind the steering wheel

“Was everything okay on the outside?” a pilot asks another pilot in the front seat of a car. “Everything looked good.  A few scratches on the left rear door, but I called your repair shop. They said the scratches had been there when you had your car serviced at 40,000 kilometres last month. And they

Captain and co-pilot

People sometimes wonder the roles of two pilots in the cockpit. There is always the captain, the one whose name is announced to the passengers. But who is the other one? Is the other pilot also a captain? What is the difference between these two? Do they both fly the aircraft? Even official news sometimes contain unclear

Finnair Instameet

Finnair Instameet

Are you social media savvy? Do you use Instagram? You have probably heard about Instameets  where participants post pictures simultaneously about one common theme. How about Finnair Instameet? You’ll see one happening on Monday 30th November. Three pilots and three flight attendants will gather  for a few hours at  Helsinki Airport and will post all

Finnair five – a classic route

You always get that extra little buzz when it says ‘AY 005’ on the flight preparation papers. One long-haul flight out of many, but for us it’s the oldest and most traditional one. Finnair’s first long-haul destination was New York, and the route ran via Copenhagen and Amsterdam on a DC-8 aircraft. Pilots, at least,

For the love of flying

Standards, discipline and routines. Technique and physics. But, at the same time, flying is all about feeling. I recognised that feeling the moment I took off on my first training flight in a Cessna 152. To rise off the surface of the earth, controlling the aircraft with your own two hands. To ascend, to descend

Connecting flights matter

Over the past 10 years, our home airport in Helsinki has grown into an international hub where tens of thousands of passengers catch connecting flights every day. The airport has an excellent location: flying from Asia to Europe, for example, Helsinki is right along the shortest route due to the Earth’s curvature. A convenient connection

More than a thousand words

Flying an aircraft is very visual work. Communicating the events and details of a day in the life of a pilot using only words would be difficult.  There are times when you would love to share the view opening up in front of you with the cabin, if that only were possible. A photo is

My fellow pilots

My blogger friend Petra once told about a conversation she had had in the cabin about the line-up of the cockpit. Is it really true that there could be two people sitting there who do not know each other? How on earth can that kind of cooperation even work? After all, we Finns don’t just

Pilots under the microscope

What an unfortunate title, though I did write it myself. My idea was to shed some light on how the professional skills of pilots are monitored throughout their careers. Different kinds of examinations are quite a natural part of our job description. It is indeed a factor of great importance for safety to make sure