Tricks of the trade

While travelling, you tend to pick up all kinds of crumbs of information and observations about the characteristics of different countries and nationalities. Everything that follows is made in a good spirit and from a Finnish perspective, and it is certainly not my intention to propose any universal rules.

Truth or research?

Airlines are ranked and researched continuously from different viewpoints – including from the environmental angle. As far as we are concerned that can only be a positive thing! Or at least it should be – and I am thinking of the long term environmental work that Finnair has done over the years. Perhaps word of our good work has only fallen on the ears of the minority, but we base our environmental work on real action. Reports of our activities have been published since 1996, too. Even so, the available information hasn’t been referred to in the latest research.

A celebration of biodiversity in 2010

Leonardo da Vinci studied the flight of birds in his efforts to develop flying devices. Biomimetics, namely discovering ideas from nature, is one of Airbus’s reasons for its support of the UN Convention on Diversity. As answers or at least inspiration for technical problems are often found from nature’s structures and processes, biodiversity is also important for the promotion of technology.

Jewellery shopping in China

Diamonds, too, are valued in China, but rather differently than in the West. Diamond is an excellent material for drilling jade, because it is so hard. Jade, on the other hand, is thing most valuable the Chinese possess. Jade is white and different shades of green, and the sharp-eyed visitor will spot the jade bracelet worn on the left wrist by Chinese married women.