The Earth is not flat!

Finland is tucked away on the top edge of Europe – so why would anyone want to fly through it to get to Asia? Even today, many people perceive the Earth as flat. The greatest difficulty in explaining Finnair’s strategy is still presented by a man who lived 500 years ago, Gerardus Mercator, who projected

The First Time

When I bid him farewell at our destination, Mr. Kqwbrtmh (name still changed) flashed a big smile and said, “See you again soon!” A happy first-timer. Mission accomplished, I thought to myself, with an image of deafening applause and a standing ovation in my mind.

Sakke in sake land

  From June Finnair’s Sales Unit in Japan has been led by the long-serving Finnair employee Sakari “Sakke” Romu, who is also one of the company’s foremost experts on Japan. His first name may be an omen, because in Japanese ‘Sakari’ means the top, prime, first class. Sakari started with Finnair in 1981. Through different

The world’s ten best fishing places – by our World Championship fishing expert

In his working time, the Finnair Technical Services Logistics Department’s Quality Coordinator Jussi Jalkanen provides training on official and quality matters and instructs acceptance inspectors. In his leisure time, Jussi is a passionate fisherman who has travelled all over the world and competed at World Championship level. Jussi reveals his favourite fishing places. 1. Portugal,

Tips for flying eco-friendly

In the general environmental discussion, views on flying are usually quite black-and-white with “fly” or “don’t fly” as the only options. However, most of us do need to fly for work or in order to go on holiday, so instead of just shrugging our shoulders, we should give some consideration to the choices we make

Aircraft is released from maintenance by a professional's signature

  Occasionally, the airline passenger finds himself/herself in the unfortunate situation of discovering that the flight is delayed because of a technical reason. The text appearing on the screen or the announcement heard on the loudspeakers may evoke questions in the minds of passengers. In such a situation, one should remain calm, however. “Technical reason”