Tips for flying eco-friendly

In the general environmental discussion, views on flying are usually quite black-and-white with “fly” or “don’t fly” as the only options. However, most of us do need to fly for work or in order to go on holiday, so instead of just shrugging our shoulders, we should give some consideration to the choices we make

Aircraft is released from maintenance by a professional's signature

  Occasionally, the airline passenger finds himself/herself in the unfortunate situation of discovering that the flight is delayed because of a technical reason. The text appearing on the screen or the announcement heard on the loudspeakers may evoke questions in the minds of passengers. In such a situation, one should remain calm, however. “Technical reason”

Finnair takes over Terminal 2

Wednesday August 5 is a momentous day for Finnair. That is when the airline will concentrate all traffic and customer services at Helsinki-Vantaa airport’s Terminal 2 (T2), along with its other cooperation partner airlines. After the move, Finnair check-in and departure gates will be much closer to each other. Distances from one to the other

A journey into Indian cuisine

The opening of each long-haul route has presented a new challenge to Finnair Catering. Starting with the correct way to boil rice, Finnair’s chefs have conjured new skills with every Asian destination. National cuisine is a culturally sacred issue, and with the assistance of local experts, Finnair’s chefs are dedicated experts in the secrets of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean as well as Thai cuisine.

Take the fast lane to your flight

A pleasant flight consists of many different expectations and experiences regarding service. Every one of us hopes to make our way from the terminal door to the shops, lounge facilities and restaurants in the departure lounge as soon as possible. At the same time we all realize that to do so may just be wishful thinking, and in reality, there may be long queues at the check-in desks, security control, passport control, the ATM, and to the departure gate.

Aviation Physician's top tips for flying

Our cabin crew are thoroughly trained in giving first aid, and there is medical equipment on board for many kinds of situations. For example, there are painkillers, nasal drops, diarrhea medicines, wound dressings, and oxygen available for first aid situations. All Finnair’s long-haul aircraft have defibrillators on board for treating heart arrhythmia. If you should fall seriously ill, the cabin crew on any Finnair flight can contact global medical services via satellite phone to receive instructions on patient care and to find out if a diversion is in order.

Yikes, flying is scary!

Levels of fear and the feelings related to them vary. Some experience slight discomfort on board an aircraft, but can still fly in spite of it. To others, even thinking about flying arouses fear that limits their opportunities to travel for work and leisure. Gradually the fear may become stronger and lead to avoidance. For people who are afraid of flying, statistics are of no importance, since they contradict the perceptions they have constructed in their minds. Changing these images requires accurate and precise knowledge about flying.

The future rocks and rolls

The project lasted around six months and, in addition to the work input of a few members of staff, costs were a few euros per book in printing costs. Such a succesful advertising campaign or marketing tour could not have been obtained with the same money. It is also difficult to think of a more effective means of achieving corresponding recognition for Finnair in areas of the new Asian markets.