Lost in translation

Interpreting body language and reading thoughts are clearly best left to the professionals. Despite my great enthusiasm and interest in the subject, I still obtain the most reliable information from words.

Once, when I was serving food, a male passenger looked at the plate and said: “NO MEAT! NO CHICKEN!” Then after a moment’s pause, he continued: “I AM A VEGETABLE!”

Flight instruments measure where we fly

Safe flying is based on the good training of the pilots and the technical condition of the aircraft. But the airport’s equipment is also vital. One of the most basic items on the lesson list for all trainee pilots is the use of Flight instruments. When you’re in the clouds, you can lose track of your own – and your aircraft’s – attitude in a matter of seconds if you only trust your instincts.

Thank you and I'm sorry

thank you for all your heart-warming feedback. And I’m sorry, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m sure there’s no need to say, “Who does she think she is!”
I’m quite aware of who I am – the feedback I’ve received so far has been quite frank, and even though it has mainly dealt with my outer assets, my identity is beginning to take shape.

The Earth is not flat!

Finland is tucked away on the top edge of Europe – so why would anyone want to fly through it to get to Asia? Even today, many people perceive the Earth as flat. The greatest difficulty in explaining Finnair’s strategy is still presented by a man who lived 500 years ago, Gerardus Mercator, who projected

The First Time

When I bid him farewell at our destination, Mr. Kqwbrtmh (name still changed) flashed a big smile and said, “See you again soon!” A happy first-timer. Mission accomplished, I thought to myself, with an image of deafening applause and a standing ovation in my mind.