Uncompromised quality

Finnair monitors customer satisfaction continuously by means of customer research and feedback systems. The ‘traffic lights’ that we use as working tools show clearly in which areas of our service we are succeeding, where attention is needed, and where development work is required. The predominant colour of those lights is an encouraging shade of green.

Always prepared

Finnair’s traffic nerve center is the Network Control Center, which makes decisions, coordinates activities and maintains direct contact with our aircraft at all times. In addition, Finnair can put together a special irregularity task force at short notice, with members that literally have their bags packed, ready to go at any time. Regardless of the situation, we are always ready. As the variety of possible irregularities is wide, the task force is assembled according to the specific requirements of each circumstance, using the corporation’s best experts as well as outside contacts.

We are on time!

If passengers get annoyed about delays or mislaid baggage, it means an even bigger headache for the airlines. Late departures lead to delays for the next departure, so that in the worst case the entire route network suffers because baggage and customers miss connections and a snowballing of delays begins.

Has flight safety weakened?

Long-term flight safety is a combination of reporting culture and risk management, quality assurance, cooperation and communication. It is matter of training, maintenance and constant checking. It permits human error, but it does not accept intentional deviation from set standards. All this is possible only through the accommodating influence of management and the profession approach of all personnel to their own work. This everyday work is facilitated by the correct working methods, expert employees and a modern fleet.

Why doesn’t Finnair believe in emissions offsets?

When choosing an air trip, the cheapest option is often also the most polluting. This is because the cheaper option is often the one that, for example, consumes more or because it is operated by airlines using fleets of different standards. Because new technology is expensive, it means that the least polluting and better quality flights often cost a little more. The consumer is free to choose an air trip that might be as much as three times more polluting to the environment – and pay offset charges of as little as a couple of euros. The real costs of carbon dioxide and the effects on the environment are not reflected in the final bill.

New Look – Better Mood

The cabin look is now brighter, warmer and more easy-going than before. Safely, freshly and creatively, with a Finnish flavour. Customers’ first assessments from daily flights to Kittilä in Lapland can be summed up in one word: ‘Wow!’. Passengers on the New York route will be next to assess the new interior.

Connect via Spa

The new facilities will include a 250 seat via.lounge and a restful spa area, via.spa. The spa will contain four separate saunas, treatment rooms for ‘express’ treatments as well as those of a more leisurely nature, foot treatments of various kinds and a mineral water pool for health baths.