Yikes, flying is scary!

Levels of fear and the feelings related to them vary. Some experience slight discomfort on board an aircraft, but can still fly in spite of it. To others, even thinking about flying arouses fear that limits their opportunities to travel for work and leisure. Gradually the fear may become stronger and lead to avoidance. For people who are afraid of flying, statistics are of no importance, since they contradict the perceptions they have constructed in their minds. Changing these images requires accurate and precise knowledge about flying.

The future rocks and rolls

The project lasted around six months and, in addition to the work input of a few members of staff, costs were a few euros per book in printing costs. Such a succesful advertising campaign or marketing tour could not have been obtained with the same money. It is also difficult to think of a more effective means of achieving corresponding recognition for Finnair in areas of the new Asian markets.

A high-flying life without equal

She was Miss Finland in 1961. As a flight attendant, she worked for 46 years on 13 different aircraft types, which is a world record. She had four children, and fell in love with a handsome captain. She worked in dozens of different uniforms, and served hundreds of thousands of passengers. Her flying days may be over, but Ritva’s story continues at her Second Hand Boutique Penny Lane on Runeberginkatu in Helsinki.

What is turbulence and bumpy weather?

As pilots, we concentrate on flying the aircraft to its destination as smoothly as possible, so that passengers can focus on keeping their coffee in the cup. Here’s a tip for doing that: first sip any excess coffee, and then lift the cup off the tray table and keep it in your hand instead, but don’t use the armrest for support. Your hand on its own is surprisingly steady, and can usually keep your cup balanced without spilling the coffee.

Space age leap to New York

The launch of the new route was preceded by monumental preparation. The company wanted to arrive in style and to make a lasting impression. Finnair wanted to represent everything that being Finnish represents, including design, style and service. All foremost Finnish designers were employed to create the display. Something unparalleled in the airline world had begun.

Uncompromised quality

Finnair monitors customer satisfaction continuously by means of customer research and feedback systems. The ‘traffic lights’ that we use as working tools show clearly in which areas of our service we are succeeding, where attention is needed, and where development work is required. The predominant colour of those lights is an encouraging shade of green.

Always prepared

Finnair’s traffic nerve center is the Network Control Center, which makes decisions, coordinates activities and maintains direct contact with our aircraft at all times. In addition, Finnair can put together a special irregularity task force at short notice, with members that literally have their bags packed, ready to go at any time. Regardless of the situation, we are always ready. As the variety of possible irregularities is wide, the task force is assembled according to the specific requirements of each circumstance, using the corporation’s best experts as well as outside contacts.

We are on time!

If passengers get annoyed about delays or mislaid baggage, it means an even bigger headache for the airlines. Late departures lead to delays for the next departure, so that in the worst case the entire route network suffers because baggage and customers miss connections and a snowballing of delays begins.