Connect via Spa

The new facilities will include a 250 seat via.lounge and a restful spa area, The spa will contain four separate saunas, treatment rooms for ‘express’ treatments as well as those of a more leisurely nature, foot treatments of various kinds and a mineral water pool for health baths.

Eco-trip or ego-trip?

When destinations and means of travel are chosen, an ecological approach clearly goes out the window. The price level and amount of sun are decisive. In the media destructive effects of flying and tourism are covered in big headlines, with celebrities declaring their abhorrence of flying. Perhaps, however, this is more ego-tripping than eco-tripping…

On the move in London

Finnair’s new check-in area in London Heathrow Terminal 3 is located on the far right of Hall 5 as you come into the terminal. From there you travel up escalators and via the security check to a large area of shopping and restaurant services. The departure gates are located suitably close to this area.