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The most positive news of 2015

The most positive news of 2015

It’s a bird. It’s Superwoman. It’s a new A350! One of the most positive news from the last part of 2015 was definitely the arrival of A350. The news about Finnair’s new super bird plane A350 was enthusiastically greeted. As the new plane arrived to Finland in October, it was in the news everywhere. We have

Buying an aircraft

Finnair received, as the first airline in the world, a new A321 Sharklet aircraft from Airbus in Hamburg in the beginning of September, so it’s a good time to take a look at what goes on during an aircraft purchase. The purchase agreements are normally signed years before the aircraft deliveries and for brand new

Finnair brings Lions to the Market Square this evening

Finland’s ice hockey team enjoyed a sweet victory over Sweden and at the same time won their second-ever World Championship. The win on Sunday night sparked huge celebrations in Finland. Immediately the next morning, Finnair, the Lions’ long-term cooperation partner, sent a special flight to Bratislava to pick up Finland’s ice hockey heroes. The victory

Similarities between aviation and seafaring

Why terms familiar from seafaring are used in aviation, such as the titles captain, first officer, steward and fleet, for example. In English, we also have the term airPORT. In the early days of aviation, it was quite natural to adopt terminology that had already been long been used in seafaring, especially since the key

Thoughts on jet lag

There are surely as many ways of coping and alleviating the problems caused by jet lag as there are travellers. That’s why what follows is based on my own experiences, and it should not be considered a universally applicable prescription on how to overcome the full spectrum of jet lag problems. Sleep issues in particular

Heavenly service

Grilled fillet of beef, tar-flavoured salmon crowned with crushed rye crispbread, sautéed game, a Japanese appetiser selection, blackcurrant and white chocolate mousse, and Nordic Gourmet chocolates. Sounds almost like a restaurant menu, but these items are actually served in business class on Finnair flights. How does all that end up on aircraft for passengers to

Lightning strikes on aircraft

Aircraft are generally struck by lightning on the nose section or on the wing tips. A typical strike location, for example, is the edge of the cockpit window. The aluminium fuselage of an aircraft conducts electricity well and thus acts as a Faraday cage

One era ends, another begins: farewell to the MD-11!

At the time Finnair was the first airline in the world to take the MD-11 into commercial use when it ran a flight from Helsinki to Las Palmas on December 20,1990.

One maintenance visit? That will be two million euros.

Aircraft are a work of art put together using many engineering elements. The number of technologies in use is phenomenal. These technologies have to communicate smoothly with each other and often in challenging conditions. For example, the typical temperature for a scheduled flight cruising height is about -50 degrees Celsius, while the temperature at the