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London hosts a world of travel

I’m not sure it’s anything to boast about but so far this year I’ve flown at least 120,000 kilometres, passing through more than a dozen international airports in the process. It hurts me to say it, but the only one where the aircraft invariably takes a slightly tedious holding pattern before landing is the one

Thoughts on jet lag

There are surely as many ways of coping and alleviating the problems caused by jet lag as there are travellers. That’s why what follows is based on my own experiences, and it should not be considered a universally applicable prescription on how to overcome the full spectrum of jet lag problems. Sleep issues in particular

Tricks of the trade

While travelling, you tend to pick up all kinds of crumbs of information and observations about the characteristics of different countries and nationalities. Everything that follows is made in a good spirit and from a Finnish perspective, and it is certainly not my intention to propose any universal rules.

The Earth is not flat!

Finland is tucked away on the top edge of Europe – so why would anyone want to fly through it to get to Asia? Even today, many people perceive the Earth as flat. The greatest difficulty in explaining Finnair’s strategy is still presented by a man who lived 500 years ago, Gerardus Mercator, who projected