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Customer Feedback is Critical

Customer Feedback is Critical

New innovative services and comfortable air travel is what we strive for and what we are committed to developing. Our customers’ views are an essential part of our development process and we also want our customers to help us build the Finnair of the future. In the spring we started testing our real-time customer satisfaction

A spring in your step

A spring in your step

Finnair’s cabin crew includes many notable athletes representing a wide range of disciplines. There are runners such as myself, as well as triathletes, fitness competitors, sailors, equestrians, yoga practitioners and mountain climbers. Did you know that the third Finnish woman to reach the top of Mt. Everest was a Finnair flight attendant? Her tremendous accomplishment

Not your average catwalk! AY57 to Shanghai

Just got back from an amazing once in a lifetime adventure! This was a long-awaited work assignment that we as the crew didn’t have a lot of info about beforehand. A phone call some two months ago, a date, a brief description and nothing else. No destination, no client, no names, no details, no nothing… Something

Take-off to Bollywood!

Today is the Republic Day of India and we were extremely happy to Bolly through the woods to send you our greeting with respect and joy to spend this special day with you all over India!

When a flight is delayed, what happens in the cockpit?

When a flight departure is delayed for one reason or another, those in the cabin start to get restless. They glance at there watches, direct questioning looks at the cabin attendants. Is some connecting flight at the destination now in doubt?


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