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Pilots behind the steering wheel

Pilots behind the steering wheel

“Was everything okay on the outside?” a pilot asks another pilot in the front seat of a car. “Everything looked good.  A few scratches on the left rear door, but I called your repair shop. They said the scratches had been there when you had your car serviced at 40,000 kilometres last month. And they

Finnair five – a classic route

You always get that extra little buzz when it says ‘AY 005’ on the flight preparation papers. One long-haul flight out of many, but for us it’s the oldest and most traditional one. Finnair’s first long-haul destination was New York, and the route ran via Copenhagen and Amsterdam on a DC-8 aircraft. Pilots, at least,

More than a thousand words

Flying an aircraft is very visual work. Communicating the events and details of a day in the life of a pilot using only words would be difficult.  There are times when you would love to share the view opening up in front of you with the cabin, if that only were possible. A photo is

Is one pilot enough?

Present cockpits have two top practitioners of their trade, in whose hands one can travel with complete confidence. Even the complete loss of functional capacity during a flight on the part of one pilot would not jeopardise safety; the aircraft would always be brought safely to the ground.

Flight planning moment by moment – part 2/2

In the first part of my blog, I focused on what happens before the captain steps onto the aircraft. This time I’ll move onto the flight preparations that take place onboard the aircraft.