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What sells in Asia?

Flights to Finnair’s newest destination, Singapore, will start in May 30th, 2011. Petteri Kostermaa, Finnair’s new appointment as head of its Singapore sales unit, has the task in his new post of selling the tickets of a relatively unknown European airline. What sales assets will Finnair use to attract customers at the new destination?

We are on time!

If passengers get annoyed about delays or mislaid baggage, it means an even bigger headache for the airlines. Late departures lead to delays for the next departure, so that in the worst case the entire route network suffers because baggage and customers miss connections and a snowballing of delays begins.

Connect via Spa

The new facilities will include a 250 seat via.lounge and a restful spa area, The spa will contain four separate saunas, treatment rooms for ‘express’ treatments as well as those of a more leisurely nature, foot treatments of various kinds and a mineral water pool for health baths.