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Airborne: Tales from a Thousand and One Flights

A group of women is crowding the backstage, each one prettier than the next. A brunette stares firmly into a mirror as the makeup artist shades her eyes with a dramatic colour. A blonde lady sways on one foot as she tries to pull her tights on. People everywhere are hurriedly changing into their uniforms.

Hooks on Tour

Well, what do you know! Trust me to jump into yet another fun group of men right after writing about another! This time it wasn’t a bachelor party at all. Yet equally interesting. These joyous men – the Hooks on Tour – were on my early morning domestic flight from Oulu to Helsinki and attracted

Go Österreich!

On a cold and wintery Sunday afternoon I hopped onboard Finnair flight AY767 , destination Vienna, Austria. The plane was absolutely packed with passengers from all over the world. Some coming all the way from Asia to discover Europe for the first time, some Europeans flying back home after having spent an adventurous weekend in

Customers take the hot seat for product development

Customer experience is extremely important to Finnair. That is why we want to take into account what customers think as early as possible in the product development process.