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Finnair upgraded as Prime choice for sustainable and responsible investors

Finnair upgraded as Prime choice for sustainable and responsible investors

Last week, our team at Finnair received the most inspiring and exciting news! Finnair’s performance in corporate responsibility was recognised with the highest distinction in an independent, non-solicited analysis of the investment universe, covering environmental and social responsibility as well as governance (ESG). Following their most recent review, oekom research AG, one of the world’s

Book a flight, send children to school

Book a flight, send children to school

Helping children is important to all at Finnair. For the past two decades, we have carried out target-oriented and successful cooperation with UNICEF, our most long-standing partner organisation. Now helping children is possible also on the web with the platform made by Amadeus. Our cooperation with UNICEF began in the 1990s with the Change for

Project Manondroala – forest mapping, protection and restoration in Madagascar

Finnair is taking part in a development cooperation project in Madagascar launched by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (SLL). The purpose of the development project is to restore the continuous rainforest corridor around Andasibe village in Eastern Madagascar. Andasibe commune inhabits roughly 12,000 people, most of whom are directly dependent on the forest. By donating

Climate care starts on your own doorstep

If you’re reading this under the chilly skies of the northern European winter, I apologize. There is no way I can avoid sounding smug, but I am sitting on the balcony of a converted ‘haveli’ mansion in Jaipur, India, with bougainvillea soaked in sunshine and parakeets flapping through the trees. Not far away from the

Airborne: Tales from a Thousand and One Flights

A group of women is crowding the backstage, each one prettier than the next. A brunette stares firmly into a mirror as the makeup artist shades her eyes with a dramatic colour. A blonde lady sways on one foot as she tries to pull her tights on. People everywhere are hurriedly changing into their uniforms.

More options to responsible travellers

For Sue Suitcase, even when she is simply dreaming of a trip, certain ways of travelling and destinations are excluded. For Ted Traveller it is important to consider the choice of company and route and to be able to compare different options. For Adam Airport and his friends it is important that during their trip

Has corporate social responsibility any significance in purchasing decisions?

Companies have increasingly incorporated social responsibility issues into strategic decision-making. Companies also increasingly measure the social and environmental effects of their activities, report on them and seek to minimise the negative effects of their operations. This also applies to Finnair. Every week we receive enquiries about how we manage our environmental issues and how we tackle social challenges. We are happy to answer questions; we have even taken a position on these matters in our procurement policy.

The controversial emissions coefficient

Today Finnair has launched, on global terms, an extremely advanced emissions calculator. The calculator is the only one in the world to be based on actual quarterly cargo, passenger and fuel consumption figures, not averages or assumptions.

Truth or research?

Airlines are ranked and researched continuously from different viewpoints – including from the environmental angle. As far as we are concerned that can only be a positive thing! Or at least it should be – and I am thinking of the long term environmental work that Finnair has done over the years. Perhaps word of our good work has only fallen on the ears of the minority, but we base our environmental work on real action. Reports of our activities have been published since 1996, too. Even so, the available information hasn’t been referred to in the latest research.

A celebration of biodiversity in 2010

Leonardo da Vinci studied the flight of birds in his efforts to develop flying devices. Biomimetics, namely discovering ideas from nature, is one of Airbus’s reasons for its support of the UN Convention on Diversity. As answers or at least inspiration for technical problems are often found from nature’s structures and processes, biodiversity is also important for the promotion of technology.