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Choosing an airline can be eco-smart

Choosing an airline with a new fleet is an eco-smart decision, because each new generation of aircraft produces around 20 per cent less emissions than its predecessor.

Why doesn’t Finnair believe in emissions offsets?

When choosing an air trip, the cheapest option is often also the most polluting. This is because the cheaper option is often the one that, for example, consumes more or because it is operated by airlines using fleets of different standards. Because new technology is expensive, it means that the least polluting and better quality flights often cost a little more. The consumer is free to choose an air trip that might be as much as three times more polluting to the environment – and pay offset charges of as little as a couple of euros. The real costs of carbon dioxide and the effects on the environment are not reflected in the final bill.

Mutual Admiration Society

Finnair still does not support the idea, that the passenger should compensate for aviation’s emissions. If one journey of a thousand kilometers is compensated to the tune of a couple of euros, it doesn’t say anything about the environmental effect.

Eco-trip or ego-trip?

When destinations and means of travel are chosen, an ecological approach clearly goes out the window. The price level and amount of sun are decisive. In the media destructive effects of flying and tourism are covered in big headlines, with celebrities declaring their abhorrence of flying. Perhaps, however, this is more ego-tripping than eco-tripping…

Free emissions rights

Do you believe that an airline of state X will gladly pay for their emissions into the EU’s coffers and for the building of state Y’s roads, if it flies for only an hour in EU air space during a 12-hour flight?