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Line maintenance shifts from paperwork to digital

Line maintenance shifts from paperwork to digital

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we could demo the mobile tools of Finnair’s mechanics at next year’s Slush?” We came up with this idea at Slush 2015, which I attended with Tero Valkiala, Head of Digital, in search of the inspiration and innovation that would allow us to take a major leap forward in Finnair’s

Finnair Technical Services changes its ways

In terms of size, Finnair Technical Services, with its turnover of just over 200 million euros, is rather small compared with the sector’s large operators. Nevertheless, there is strong global demand for high-level expertise, and Technical Services, which has grown alongside the airline, has an excellent reputation.

One maintenance visit? That will be two million euros.

Aircraft are a work of art put together using many engineering elements. The number of technologies in use is phenomenal. These technologies have to communicate smoothly with each other and often in challenging conditions. For example, the typical temperature for a scheduled flight cruising height is about -50 degrees Celsius, while the temperature at the

Aircraft is released from maintenance by a professional's signature

  Occasionally, the airline passenger finds himself/herself in the unfortunate situation of discovering that the flight is delayed because of a technical reason. The text appearing on the screen or the announcement heard on the loudspeakers may evoke questions in the minds of passengers. In such a situation, one should remain calm, however. “Technical reason”