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Meet 9 Finnair employees who turned their passion into profession

Meet 9 Finnair employees who turned their passion into profession

For some it’s about the marshmallow clouds, for others it’s the thrill of the take-off. In Finnair’s multicultural workforce, everyone has different reasons that make their work special.               Text by Carina Chela  Photos by Interviewees  This story is published in Under the Northern Skies – 100 Stories Celebrating

Sleepless in Shanghai

Sleepless in Shanghai

The world is changing, and so is flying. Many passengers may still think that the crew spend several days in the destination, perhaps even a week. Then again, sometimes passengers earnestly ask after an 11-hour flight whether we will fly back home right away. Fortunately not, as our working day begins before the flight. There

Airborne: Tales from a Thousand and One Flights

A group of women is crowding the backstage, each one prettier than the next. A brunette stares firmly into a mirror as the makeup artist shades her eyes with a dramatic colour. A blonde lady sways on one foot as she tries to pull her tights on. People everywhere are hurriedly changing into their uniforms.

Attitude – not injury

Trends, brands and terms need refreshing and updating now and then. One thing that always endures, however, is interaction between people, such as encounters with customers. And how these turn out depends a lot on chemistry and attitudes. Recently, as I set out after service to collect any trash that remained in the cabin, I

Thoughts on jet lag

There are surely as many ways of coping and alleviating the problems caused by jet lag as there are travellers. That’s why what follows is based on my own experiences, and it should not be considered a universally applicable prescription on how to overcome the full spectrum of jet lag problems. Sleep issues in particular


Do these letters communicate my breathlessness? If so, don’t worry – all is well. I just got home to Helsinki from Stockholm. Or actually the flight from Helsinki to Stockholm came first. From Stockholm to Helsinki. From Helsinki to Stockholm. And yet again from Stockholm to Helsinki.

A flight attendant’s travel memoir – New York, New York

New York. It’s only the most wonderful place in the whole world! And the flight coming home is just about the worst in the whole world. On my latest visit, I stuck to a very small area – I never went south of Macy’s at all.

Tricks of the trade 2

In my previous blog post titled “Tricks of the trade”, I presented some observations from Asian flights. This time the focus is on European habits.

Fly Like Never Before

Now and then I think of life in pictures. Living pictures. Movies. The scriptwriter turns a stream of situations into a coherent script. But after a whole host of flights, I’ve come to the conclusion: “It’s really not like in the movies.”

Tricks of the trade

While travelling, you tend to pick up all kinds of crumbs of information and observations about the characteristics of different countries and nationalities. Everything that follows is made in a good spirit and from a Finnish perspective, and it is certainly not my intention to propose any universal rules.