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Straight is better

Straight is better

For me a holiday means to be away from home. When I first think of the word “holiday”, comes a palm tree in my mind. A palm tree, sun, smiley with sunglasses would be my emoticons to symbolize a holiday. The best ever is that you can start a holiday already from your home airport.

Retro flight in the original Silver Bird theme

This year Finnair celebrates 88 years of quality service and peace of mind in air travel with selected retro flights in the original Silver Bird theme.

Finnair brings Lions to the Market Square this evening

Finland’s ice hockey team enjoyed a sweet victory over Sweden and at the same time won their second-ever World Championship. The win on Sunday night sparked huge celebrations in Finland. Immediately the next morning, Finnair, the Lions’ long-term cooperation partner, sent a special flight to Bratislava to pick up Finland’s ice hockey heroes. The victory

More options to responsible travellers

For Sue Suitcase, even when she is simply dreaming of a trip, certain ways of travelling and destinations are excluded. For Ted Traveller it is important to consider the choice of company and route and to be able to compare different options. For Adam Airport and his friends it is important that during their trip

Similarities between aviation and seafaring

Why terms familiar from seafaring are used in aviation, such as the titles captain, first officer, steward and fleet, for example. In English, we also have the term airPORT. In the early days of aviation, it was quite natural to adopt terminology that had already been long been used in seafaring, especially since the key

Attitude – not injury

Trends, brands and terms need refreshing and updating now and then. One thing that always endures, however, is interaction between people, such as encounters with customers. And how these turn out depends a lot on chemistry and attitudes. Recently, as I set out after service to collect any trash that remained in the cabin, I


Do these letters communicate my breathlessness? If so, don’t worry – all is well. I just got home to Helsinki from Stockholm. Or actually the flight from Helsinki to Stockholm came first. From Stockholm to Helsinki. From Helsinki to Stockholm. And yet again from Stockholm to Helsinki.

Tricks of the trade 2

In my previous blog post titled “Tricks of the trade”, I presented some observations from Asian flights. This time the focus is on European habits.

When a flight is delayed, what happens in the cockpit?

When a flight departure is delayed for one reason or another, those in the cabin start to get restless. They glance at there watches, direct questioning looks at the cabin attendants. Is some connecting flight at the destination now in doubt?

Flight planning moment by moment – part 2/2

In the first part of my blog, I focused on what happens before the captain steps onto the aircraft. This time I’ll move onto the flight preparations that take place onboard the aircraft.