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Quality time in the air

Quality time in the air

A three-hour flight is already quite a long one. You can take a nap and even get a bit bored. And that’s not to mention longer flights. Here’s my short list for your flight: Watch a movie. Download a classic movie about your destination to your tablet before your flight.Especially if your are on a

Finnair five – a classic route

You always get that extra little buzz when it says ‘AY 005’ on the flight preparation papers. One long-haul flight out of many, but for us it’s the oldest and most traditional one. Finnair’s first long-haul destination was New York, and the route ran via Copenhagen and Amsterdam on a DC-8 aircraft. Pilots, at least,

For the love of flying

Standards, discipline and routines. Technique and physics. But, at the same time, flying is all about feeling. I recognised that feeling the moment I took off on my first training flight in a Cessna 152. To rise off the surface of the earth, controlling the aircraft with your own two hands. To ascend, to descend

Finnair brings Lions to the Market Square this evening

Finland’s ice hockey team enjoyed a sweet victory over Sweden and at the same time won their second-ever World Championship. The win on Sunday night sparked huge celebrations in Finland. Immediately the next morning, Finnair, the Lions’ long-term cooperation partner, sent a special flight to Bratislava to pick up Finland’s ice hockey heroes. The victory

More options to responsible travellers

For Sue Suitcase, even when she is simply dreaming of a trip, certain ways of travelling and destinations are excluded. For Ted Traveller it is important to consider the choice of company and route and to be able to compare different options. For Adam Airport and his friends it is important that during their trip

Similarities between aviation and seafaring

Why terms familiar from seafaring are used in aviation, such as the titles captain, first officer, steward and fleet, for example. In English, we also have the term airPORT. In the early days of aviation, it was quite natural to adopt terminology that had already been long been used in seafaring, especially since the key

What sells in Asia?

Flights to Finnair’s newest destination, Singapore, will start in May 30th, 2011. Petteri Kostermaa, Finnair’s new appointment as head of its Singapore sales unit, has the task in his new post of selling the tickets of a relatively unknown European airline. What sales assets will Finnair use to attract customers at the new destination?

Thoughts on jet lag

There are surely as many ways of coping and alleviating the problems caused by jet lag as there are travellers. That’s why what follows is based on my own experiences, and it should not be considered a universally applicable prescription on how to overcome the full spectrum of jet lag problems. Sleep issues in particular

Is one pilot enough?

Present cockpits have two top practitioners of their trade, in whose hands one can travel with complete confidence. Even the complete loss of functional capacity during a flight on the part of one pilot would not jeopardise safety; the aircraft would always be brought safely to the ground.

Flight planning moment by moment, part 1/2

In the first part of my blog, I’ll focus on what happens before the captain steps onto the aircraft. In a later, continuation part I’ll move on to flight preparations that take place on the aircraft.