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In the air tonight

In the air tonight

I really never understood the negative discussions in the media by public persons of their bad memories of school or airline meals. Pretty much waste of your “15 minutes in fame” if you have nothing else to say. And what an unhappy holiday it has been if there’s nothing else to tell than details about

Heavenly service

Grilled fillet of beef, tar-flavoured salmon crowned with crushed rye crispbread, sautéed game, a Japanese appetiser selection, blackcurrant and white chocolate mousse, and Nordic Gourmet chocolates. Sounds almost like a restaurant menu, but these items are actually served in business class on Finnair flights. How does all that end up on aircraft for passengers to

Finland’s biggest kitchen

Finnair Catering is not only Finland’s biggest and most international kitchen, but also a huge logistics company that handles a massive amount of raw materials, equipment and sales goods.

A journey into Indian cuisine

The opening of each long-haul route has presented a new challenge to Finnair Catering. Starting with the correct way to boil rice, Finnair’s chefs have conjured new skills with every Asian destination. National cuisine is a culturally sacred issue, and with the assistance of local experts, Finnair’s chefs are dedicated experts in the secrets of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean as well as Thai cuisine.