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The Art of Packing

At some point last year I got a feeling that I was travelling more than ever before. I haven’t kept any personal statistics, but it might have been true. And after a couple of setbacks with travel logistics, I wasn’t enjoying travel that much anymore. I was traveling so much that negative experiences started to

10 + 1 tips for packing your luggage

Can I have any influence on what happens to my luggage on a trip? The recovery rate of notified lost bags by Finnair is 99.7 per cent, so it is extremely unlikely for a passenger to be parted from his or her luggage permanently.

Take the fast lane to your flight

A pleasant flight consists of many different expectations and experiences regarding service. Every one of us hopes to make our way from the terminal door to the shops, lounge facilities and restaurants in the departure lounge as soon as possible. At the same time we all realize that to do so may just be wishful thinking, and in reality, there may be long queues at the check-in desks, security control, passport control, the ATM, and to the departure gate.