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Connecting flights matter

Over the past 10 years, our home airport in Helsinki has grown into an international hub where tens of thousands of passengers catch connecting flights every day. The airport has an excellent location: flying from Asia to Europe, for example, Helsinki is right along the shortest route due to the Earth’s curvature. A convenient connection

Oiling the wheels of Finnair’s production

As a new member of the Executive Board, I will be responsible for ensuring that Finnair’s flights are operated safely, economically and punctually.

We are on time!

If passengers get annoyed about delays or mislaid baggage, it means an even bigger headache for the airlines. Late departures lead to delays for the next departure, so that in the worst case the entire route network suffers because baggage and customers miss connections and a snowballing of delays begins.

Snow business, slow business

Traffic programmes and through them the schedules of tens of thousands of customers cannot be made according to weather forecasts.