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Welcome to Singapore’s cultural kaleidoscope

It’s been said before, but it has to be said again: Singapore is the Promised Land for lovers of good food. If you ask a Singaporean to name his or her top five places in the city, they’re very likely to name their five favourite restaurants.

Via Helsinki – more efficient and enjoyable connections

Next week, on Thursday 27 August, the first phase of a new 150 million euro terminal complex will be opened at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to serve long-haul route and non-Schengen customers. This is the first step towards a big change that will lies ahead in the autumn. Next Thursday, a customer arriving at the terminal will

Connect via Spa

The new facilities will include a 250 seat via.lounge and a restful spa area, The spa will contain four separate saunas, treatment rooms for ‘express’ treatments as well as those of a more leisurely nature, foot treatments of various kinds and a mineral water pool for health baths.