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About engine failures

An engine failure was one of the most typical incidents in the era of piston engines – to such an extent that the abnormal operation of an engine was not exceptional. Cylinder changes could be carried out by the local mechanic in the open air, and adjusting the ignition was almost a daily routine. As a

Finnair five – a classic route

You always get that extra little buzz when it says ‘AY 005’ on the flight preparation papers. One long-haul flight out of many, but for us it’s the oldest and most traditional one. Finnair’s first long-haul destination was New York, and the route ran via Copenhagen and Amsterdam on a DC-8 aircraft. Pilots, at least,

Cockpit blackout

Rajmund Kozma was worried about what would happen if a Total Glass Cockpit Blackout, i.e. a simultaneous blackout of all electronic display units (CRT or LCD displays), were to occur during a flight. This is an understandable concern as there have been some such incidents. Airbus, the supplier of Finnair’s fleet, has recorded 50 incidents

“Ladies and gentleman, the captain has now turned off the fasten seatbelt sign…

… however, for your own safety, we ask that you keep your seatbelt fastened while seated,” the flight attendant announces after the ascent on every single one of our flights. Why is this so? An airplane flies through the air a little like a ship sailing on the water – neither water nor air is

Airplane: another technical gadget

Airplanes, like all technical gadgets, face bugs, faults and defects from time to time. When preparing for a flight, the crew is notified of any defects on the airplane and the defects are compared to the so-called minimum equipment list which includes all the devices and equipment that must be functional. For example, of the

Safety training – anything but boring!

    ”Safety training at a company where the crew arranges fun stuff like Bollywood dancing in the beginning of a flight or a flash mob at crew lounge cannot be boring.” That’s what Ruslan Prilepski, Vice Cabin Operations Manager at Belavia thought, and brought his instructors to Finnair Flight Academy for training in July.

Finnish Snowhow

If you want to practice aviation in Finland, there is one thing you need to master – winter operations.

From copilot to skipper – Practice makes perfect

Finnair recruits its new pilots in the same way as most other airlines. After successfully passing two to three years of college-level professional pilot training, a person can apply for first officer- and other type rating courses. After completing these company courses, pupils become a copilot on one of Finnair’s commercial aircraft

Santa's flight crew licence

Before Santa Claus can once again take to the air, he has to fulfil the minimum requirements for a pilot. The annual medical examination is performed in good time during the autumn. In the sight test, his prescription for reading glasses is renewed. The hearing test goes well, because in Santa’s home at Korvatunturi there

Is one pilot enough?

Present cockpits have two top practitioners of their trade, in whose hands one can travel with complete confidence. Even the complete loss of functional capacity during a flight on the part of one pilot would not jeopardise safety; the aircraft would always be brought safely to the ground.