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Coming to grips with the gratuity

You’ve finished your exotic meal of local delicacies, you’re sipping the last of your local beer, and the moment you’ve been dreading is approaching. When the bill arrives, the situation is none the clearer and you break into a sweat. The percentage signs next to the figures above the total – are they for tax

“Ladies and gentleman, the captain has now turned off the fasten seatbelt sign…

… however, for your own safety, we ask that you keep your seatbelt fastened while seated,” the flight attendant announces after the ascent on every single one of our flights. Why is this so? An airplane flies through the air a little like a ship sailing on the water – neither water nor air is

Not your average catwalk! AY57 to Shanghai

Just got back from an amazing once in a lifetime adventure! This was a long-awaited work assignment that we as the crew didn’t have a lot of info about beforehand. A phone call some two months ago, a date, a brief description and nothing else. No destination, no client, no names, no details, no nothing… Something

Airborne: Tales from a Thousand and One Flights

A group of women is crowding the backstage, each one prettier than the next. A brunette stares firmly into a mirror as the makeup artist shades her eyes with a dramatic colour. A blonde lady sways on one foot as she tries to pull her tights on. People everywhere are hurriedly changing into their uniforms.

Finnair’s Service Angels out and about in Düsseldorf and Berlin

Service Angels work at Düsseldorf and Berlin airports in Spring 2012. The Service Angels’ job is to solve passengers’ problems both big and small, while at the same time conjuring up memorable experiences. Queuing for check-in or security goes quicker when sweetened with a gift of chocolate or brightened with an exchange of travel stories.

Working as an angel – a Finnair service angel

Service Angels were Finnair’s summer trainees, whose job was to guide and serve passengers at Helsinki Airport, thus bringing them peace of mind. Read more about their interesting summer job!

Finnair’s oases offer peace of mind at airports

In October, you can take a moment’s rest in a Finnair ball chair in Vienna and Beijing, and perhaps elsewhere, too. Welcome to an oasis of peace of mind – we are looking forward to meeting you!

What sells in Asia?

Flights to Finnair’s newest destination, Singapore, will start in May 30th, 2011. Petteri Kostermaa, Finnair’s new appointment as head of its Singapore sales unit, has the task in his new post of selling the tickets of a relatively unknown European airline. What sales assets will Finnair use to attract customers at the new destination?

Attitude – not injury

Trends, brands and terms need refreshing and updating now and then. One thing that always endures, however, is interaction between people, such as encounters with customers. And how these turn out depends a lot on chemistry and attitudes. Recently, as I set out after service to collect any trash that remained in the cabin, I

Heavenly service

Grilled fillet of beef, tar-flavoured salmon crowned with crushed rye crispbread, sautéed game, a Japanese appetiser selection, blackcurrant and white chocolate mousse, and Nordic Gourmet chocolates. Sounds almost like a restaurant menu, but these items are actually served in business class on Finnair flights. How does all that end up on aircraft for passengers to