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Laid-back shopping in Florida’s St. Augustine

Laid-back shopping in Florida’s St. Augustine

There’s an undeniably European vibe as you step through the stone-pillared city gates of historic St. Augustine, Florida. Gone are the cars and giant malls that the US is famous for – instead you’ll see people strolling leisurely and popping into the small boutiques that dot both sides of St. George Street, the town’s pedestrian

Welcome to Singapore’s cultural kaleidoscope

It’s been said before, but it has to be said again: Singapore is the Promised Land for lovers of good food. If you ask a Singaporean to name his or her top five places in the city, they’re very likely to name their five favourite restaurants.

A flight attendant’s travel memoir – New York, New York

New York. It’s only the most wonderful place in the whole world! And the flight coming home is just about the worst in the whole world. On my latest visit, I stuck to a very small area – I never went south of Macy’s at all.

Seven Shopping Wonders of the World

You can find great places to shop in the Finnair destination network. In all these places you can save the equivalent price of your air fare by purchasing Christmas presents for the whole family and all your friends!