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Airplane: another technical gadget

Airplanes, like all technical gadgets, face bugs, faults and defects from time to time. When preparing for a flight, the crew is notified of any defects on the airplane and the defects are compared to the so-called minimum equipment list which includes all the devices and equipment that must be functional. For example, of the

Eastern neighbour Russia in Finnair Technical Services' sights

Russia is one of the key elements in Finnair Technical Services’ strategy, which has been, and continues to be, purposefully pursued. I have compiled from accumulated experiences and material a few key aspects that have opened my eyes to the opportunities offered by cooperation.

Finnair Technical Services changes its ways

In terms of size, Finnair Technical Services, with its turnover of just over 200 million euros, is rather small compared with the sector’s large operators. Nevertheless, there is strong global demand for high-level expertise, and Technical Services, which has grown alongside the airline, has an excellent reputation.

One maintenance visit? That will be two million euros.

Aircraft are a work of art put together using many engineering elements. The number of technologies in use is phenomenal. These technologies have to communicate smoothly with each other and often in challenging conditions. For example, the typical temperature for a scheduled flight cruising height is about -50 degrees Celsius, while the temperature at the