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Pilots under the microscope

What an unfortunate title, though I did write it myself. My idea was to shed some light on how the professional skills of pilots are monitored throughout their careers. Different kinds of examinations are quite a natural part of our job description. It is indeed a factor of great importance for safety to make sure

Is one pilot enough?

Present cockpits have two top practitioners of their trade, in whose hands one can travel with complete confidence. Even the complete loss of functional capacity during a flight on the part of one pilot would not jeopardise safety; the aircraft would always be brought safely to the ground.

Aircraft is released from maintenance by a professional's signature

  Occasionally, the airline passenger finds himself/herself in the unfortunate situation of discovering that the flight is delayed because of a technical reason. The text appearing on the screen or the announcement heard on the loudspeakers may evoke questions in the minds of passengers. In such a situation, one should remain calm, however. “Technical reason”