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When HEL freezes over

It’s that time of the year again in the UK, my home country. An inch or two of the white stuff and the country plunges into chaos. Schools are closed, country villages are cut off. Home-owners agonize about whether to turn up the thermostat on the central heating by a degree or two. The British

Have you seen the Lights?

Finns can be surprisingly blasé about the Northern Lights. All right, so their northerly location means that their chances of witnessing one of the most spectacular and bewitching natural phenomena on the planet are better than most. But to my mind, this is something you want to see again and again if you’ve seen it

Finnish Snowhow

If you want to practice aviation in Finland, there is one thing you need to master – winter operations.

Snow business, slow business

Traffic programmes and through them the schedules of tens of thousands of customers cannot be made according to weather forecasts.